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Cover Reveal and Prizes, Oh My!


November 1, 2013 by M. A. Dunham

Well, this post is filled with funsies and freebies – and a little scavenger hunt! Fellow author and resident awesome South Coast author Cassandra Webb has her latest book in the Kemla sage coming out this month!

Prizes are signed books, swag (which includes mouse pads and stress balls) and 3 mystery gifts – so read on for info on how to get some nifty stuff. 😀

And here she is, the cover reveal!

And here she is, the cover reveal!

In Book 1, LIFE, Kemla is captured by slave traders and her life is changed forever. It could have been a lot worse if it wasn’t for the handsome and rugged slave trader called Leon granting her his personal protection.

In Book 2, NEW, Kemla meets Orin, a farmer who kicks bandit butt on a regular basis. When he first spots Kemla he grips his sword and can’t decide if he wants to try and kill her or not. He doesn’t, and she saves his sister from a horrible death, which makes a guy owe a girl a lot.

In Book 3 Orin and Leon find themselves in the same place with the same girl on their minds. This is going to spell trouble. Read the chapters as they unfold on the new website,

There are 5 feature posts, on 5 different websites. Each of our fantastic posts end with a clue. Each clue will give you a letter. Unjumble the 5 letters and you will discover the title of Book 3.

As part of the release of book 2 we’re also launching the new website. Head on over to and use the title of book 3 as the password to access the advanced first chapter.

Have fun.

Third letter of the main characters name. Hint:

Any questions can be asked of Kemla, the main character, over on her facebook page. (insert link:


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Interested in the giveaway? Enter here – the more you share, the more chances you have!


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