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And Now That NaNoWriMo is Over…


December 7, 2013 by M. A. Dunham

I can finally add another post telling you how crazy it is to push past my regular writing zone (30k) a month and into the 50k. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen work circumstances, I didn’t make the 50k target, but I did manage to raise just over $240 for free creative writing programs across the world.

For that, the top three donors are receiving a signed paperback copy of my NaNo book, which’ll be finished this month and sent off to the editors. Although I didn’t quite hit my goal, I’m happy with what I did, and I look forward to yet another crazy month.

Holidays here on the South Coast are bananas. As soon as the schools close for the six week break, we’re swelled to max capacity with people. Shopping and daily tasks are nigh herculean tasks. Despite all of the craziness, I’m looking forward to a lovely warm Christmas with my family and friends.

And finishing my shopping online. I don’t know what I did before online shopping.

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  1. cas webb says:

    Hi M, Love your blog so I’ve nominated you for the Liebster award. Check it out here:

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